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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  December 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this concert. >> fantastic. >> i learned that the governor honestly believes he is helping unions with the right to work. they need a value proposition. >> now, now, now. he is not here to defend himself. >> what are did you learn? >> i learned about lindsay. the biggest challenge in and the most wonderful thing you can do. congratulations. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's time for chuck todd and "the daily rundown." >> as the fiscal cliff pressure goes on, whether john boehner has the votes to get a deal through. they have ads aimed at house republicans. one of boehner's colleagues is not exactly rejecting the idea of challenging him with a gavel. we will dig into that.
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overseas, north korea fires off another rocket. we will have the latest on what the pentagon and the world is saying about this closed off country's capability to launch a long range rweapon. plus 65 years of history making by our friends at "meet the press." the longest running television show. on the planet. from a deep dive also into the kennedy legacy and the man who laid the foundation for a whole bunch of folks in public life. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, december 12th, 12-12-12. my kids have never been so excited about a date. let's get right to my first read of the morning. one step forward, two steps back. that's probably the best way to describe the fiscal talks between president obama and house speaker john boehner. with christmas less than two weeks away, the white house is
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faced with the same key question. can boehner deliver the votes for whatever deal they agree on? >> i remain optimistic and i'm pretty confident that republicans would not hold middle class taxes hostage to try to protect tax cuts for high income individuals. >> but with time running out, neither side seems to have budged very far from the original proposal. the only good news about what happened in the past 24 hours, they are not publicly trashing each other's proposals. on monday the white house sent boehner a counteroffer which at beast can be incremental movement. almost on the details of the offer are under wraps. the $1.6 trillion in tax revenue the president was demanding can come down to slightly under 1.4 trillion. it's still $600 billion higher than the republican position.
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in a signal to the president in his conference, basically said the president's counteroffer was uncut. >> where are the president's spending cuts? the longer the white house slow walks this process, the slowser our economy gets to the fiscal cliff. >> that slow walk comment specifically was in response to that counteroffer. here's what the white house press secretary responded to boehner. >> it's not a mystery. we have seen this before. this is the document that contains the specific spending cuts. the speaker of the house sent us a proposal that was two pages long. >> yesterday afternoon after all of that back and forth, republicans delivered a formal counteroffer. it was virtually identical to the proposal the president rejected a week ago, but with more detail. the congressional liaison met with boehner's top aide and last night he called boehner himself all to make sure they didn't
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start trashing each other's proposal. the white house is on the cautiously optimistic side. the house republicans are on the cautiously pessimistic side. they will get a deal and boehner's strong statement on the house floor was for effect for his own problem. they didn't want to make major concessions or counteroffers until boehner admits publicly that the tax rates are going up. this is a little bit of a game of chicken. so far that has not happened. mitch mcconnell seemed to acknowledge when it comes to rates, the president holds all the cards. >> what are the president is trying to achieve on the top two tax rates, he can do another. the law is certainly stacked in his favor. >> interesting way mcconnell worded that. both mcconnell and harry reid acknowledge if a deal is going to get done, they have to put together the pieces of the
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framework very soon. >> this is the week we are going to find out whether the president is serious about cutting any spending at all. we are running out of time. >> until we hear from the republicans, there is nothing to draft. we can get things done quickly. i think it's going to be extremely difficult to get it done before christmas, but it could be done. >> we shall see. sunday is basically the deadline, if you will, unofficially if they want to get something done before christmas. moving on to the labor fight in michigan, over 12,000 union workers and supporters rallied yesterday. look at the pictures. protesting the so-called right to work law that will make it illegal to require an employee to pay union dues as a condition of their employment. it was not enough to stop the legislation that rick snyder signed into law.
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despite the long history, the state is controlled by a republican-dominated house and senate. >> there 58 aye votes and 52 nay votes. >> therefore the bill is passed. >> michigan becomes the nation's 24th right to work state which schneider said opponents will have to get used to. >> worker choice is important and this will lead to more and better jobs. the bill signed and they can finish up and they can go home. >> michigan has the fifth highest percentage of unionized workers at 17%, its history is well-known. it's a blue state that obama won by points last month. they lost these fights just about everywhere else. democrats in right to work states have moved on. democrats in the state legislature have threatened further action.
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>> good ideas get debate and bad ones get rammed through with police protection in a legislature. i will say this. this fight is not over. >> it's unclear exactly what democrats and labor can do. critics say it could overturn the law that would require getting 258,000 signatures on the ballot. labor may be looking at 2014 for retribution. >> we are reawakening and going to build a powerful movement. make it crystal clear that schneider can't get away with this. >> this is the first round of a battle that will divide the state. we will have a civil war in this state. >> there you heard it. think about it this way. labor is likely to make schneider a big 2014 target. the mid-western republican governors are aiming to take down john casic and scott walker and of course schneider throws
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in florida's rick scott although florida has been a right to work state for a long time. in a statement, we consider 2014 to be absolutely crucial. if you wanted to somewhat arbitrarily say which region will see the most action, it's going to be in the midwest. schneider responded to that threat. >> i am prepared and it's unfortunate that people are using the term retribution. there were comments made that i didn't think appropriate in terms of violence. again, this is not about someone against someone else. >> the irony to all this. when you go back to the michigan republican primary in 2010, it was democrats. rick snyder appealing to moderate democrats that got him over the finish line. michigan is an open primary state and he was able to beat back more conservative opponents and now he is in the cross hairs of the democratic party and
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those who were skeptical in 2010 will fully embrace it. in a diplomatic shift, the u.s. will recognize the syrian council. president obama announced the move in an interview with barbara walters. >> we made a decision that the syrian opposition coalition is now inclusive enough, is reflective and representative enough of the syrian population that we consider them the legitimate representative of the syrian people in opposition to the assad regime. >> it is designed to put further pressure on the president to step down. the international community is condemning north korea's launch of a long range rocket this morning. the question is, is this of north korea's games? this is our man at the pentagon. mick, so many times when it comes to north korea, they do
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these things and i said it's not the fourth of july and noting this and christmas. usually they wait to a holiday. this one seems more serious. >> it is. the u.s. military and intelligence officials actually expected the launch to occur december 17th which would be the one-year anniversary of the death of kim jung il, the father of the current leader kim jung un. not only were they taken by surprise and shocked like the rest of the world, when they called me and gave me the news, they said you won't believe this. it looks like they actually put something into orbit. this rocket is a three-stage ballistic missile actually that was launched from the west coast of korea and this time unlike for previous launches which were total disasters, it worked perfectly. each stage dropped off when it
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should. the object, whatever it was, whether it was a satellite that north koreans claim, whatever it was separated from the nose cone and went into space. military officials are saying it may take a day or two to determine whether it went into orbit or went into space. that's really immaterial. it's a huge symbolic victory in the short-term for kim jung un. >> when it comes to who is helping them, there is mixed reports. the assumption is china does, but did iran? >> there is all sorts of speculation of who is helping who. north korea has been a big proliferator, but they haven't been successful in producing their own long range rocket. let's make no mistake for officials who said this had nothing to do with launching a weather satellite. they consider this a test of a
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long range ballistic missile that would ultimately have the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead to the west coast of the united states. u.s. sources tell us that north korea is sitting on dozens and dozens of nuclear weapons. the big question is, have they been able to miniaturize them to fit on a rocket yet. that is still unclear. >> thank you, sir. next, how democrats are trying to pressure republicans by a little politics in the fiscal cliff talks. check this out. >> i think ultimately the federal government shall set forth a uniform pattern of registration in voting so that no citizen will have a problem at this point. >> we are opening up the nbc archives as "meet the press" celebrates 65 years of history-making interviews. coming up next. first a look at the president's
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there is a visual for you. one of the ads from the d triple c as part of the pressure to pressure lawmakers public le as the white house works on cutting a deal in private. they learned from the republican source that the president's call with speaker last night while designed to try to a swage what was not the greatest can be described as tense. it lasted about 15 minutes. they clearly have work to do. chairman of the democratic congressional campaign, good morning to you. >> hi, chuck. >> i want to ask you about this public politics versus the space that is needed in private. you see what the president is doing and from what i understand at the request of republicans to stop on the road. he is tapering that back.
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do you worry that you could hurt negotiations by being overtly political with ads like what you are running against? >> i think we are helping negotiations. good politics is good policy. on this issue, we are using our mechanisms to have good policy and hold republicans accountable to moving towards a compromise on our debt rather than driving us off of a cliff. we are going to hold them accountable and continue to pressure them to compromise with the president. house democrats have already agreed to, passed a trillion dollars in spending cuts. now it's time for house republicans to meet us some of the way by asking 2% of the richest americans to provide revenue. this is about using political mechanisms to hold republicans accountable and move them towards a policy that creates deficit reduction that is big and bold and balanced and fair
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for the class of seniors. >> can you accept any deal that ends up changing the eligibility rules on medicare and changing the way the cost of living increases are calculated for social security and perhaps raises the age on medicare eligibility? are you remotely open to any of those ideas? >> i have a hard time with that. republicans are not remotely open to stocking entitlement programs for oil companies. why is it they continue to insist on raising the eligibility age for medicare and at the same time continue to refuse to even have a conversation on the $40 billion in subsidies that we give the richest oil companies on earth when they are about to produce more oil than saudi arabia. we always said we will negotiate in strengthening and improving medicare and expanding medicare. >> do you believe it costs too much money? you have to figure out a way to cost the country less?
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>> yes. that's what we are doing in the affordable care act. $700 billion in medicare savings saying we were cutting benefits when we were not. the president put on the table specific concrete savings to medicare. the republicans have not put anything on the table other than to say we need to reform it. let's reform entitlements for oil companies and big agricultural companies and the subsidies they get and not ask seniors to sacrifice the most. >> i have to ask you about sandy recovery efforts. you represent a big chunk of nassau county and suffolk there. the amount of money being requested, is that enough? the $60 billion on the table here for sandy recovery, do you have to come back and ask for more from the federal government? >> i think it's the right figure. i had the administrator in my
6:21 am
district yesterday and still trying to recover. still suffering lost business. i think the figure which was somewhere in between where it started and what the governors of new jersey, new york and connecticut ask for. it's the right figure and one thing i am proud of because we have bipartisan agreement in the house in working towards that figure. i am hopeful we will be able to get it done quickly. people need the help. >> democratic congressman from long island and the head in the house leadership of the democratic campaign committee. thank you, sir. >> thanks, joe. >> next, the behind the scenes of the groundbreaking moments from 65 years of the longest running television show on the planet. >> in cuba, the communism party is a world party. there many other parties. >> do you know that castro wanted to light up a cigar on
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set during that interview? that's the tip of the iceberg coming up in the next segment. first, in the last 100 years, how many presidents were elected after serving in the house, but not the senate? not directly from house to the presidency, but just having served sometime in the house. tweet me the answer. the first correct answer will get more coming up on the daily run down. coming up.
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>> working day and night in the north, south, east and west for 48 million newspapers. behind the headlines are the supporters. men and women who bring you the inside story.
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the makers of maxwell house coffee bring you america's best air. "meet the press." >> that's how viewers were introduced to "meet the press" when it t meat the debut. over the course of 65 years, it's the sunday news program from kennedy, castro and gorbachev. you can track the history in an ebook. 65 years of history in the making. apple itunes bookstores in time for the holidays. hint, hint. this is the show's executive producer and join me for this fun book. david, you went through this book process. what did you learn? what was something you didn't know and thought you knew all these things. i didn't know that. >> something that betsy and i learned overtime, she had more experience with the book publications and we worked so diligently writing them.
6:27 am
a lot of the archival materials is not always on television. the debut was in 47. >> on radio it was 45. >> one of the interesting things is whenever we are looking at a slight of history is running up against the fact that that may have been on radio and not necessarily television. it's a wealth of material. >> when you were picking these clips, what ended up jumping out at you? you went through the 60th and dare i say, you have been there since the 55th at least? >> 21 years, yeah. >> what was it about when you put this together, that was something you didn't know. >> the way we put it together was organized. we have given a lot of thought of do we want to do this by decades and we wanted to do it gramatically. we have an interesting section
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on civil rights and the cold war. you see history through the lens of "meet the press" and hear from james and martin luther king. that's all put together in a spot to hear the video and. >> let me play a little bit of a collection of the clips having to do with the cold war which of course was the most dominant topic in history. >> i think we have been led by certain people in the last few years to be afraid of communism and we have not been led to the realization that the way you win is to be for something. >> we are in the defensive position. we will never make a first stride. consequently we have to have more if we are going keep the peace.
6:29 am
>> russia has to implement the force. this is the most important thing for democratic change. >> so david, there is all this history. one of the things that makes me depressed on shows, it seems as if politics seem like it's politics, but it's not. with world evens and also culture. that's what i found fascinating. how much "meet the press" has been there on the culture front. >> i think one of the advantages of being a washington-based program that covers politics, but also covers what all the tentacles that washington has. you can get into foreign affairs and shifts in the country. i think that all of that is reflected in the ebook. the other thing when senator kennedy passed away and we did a tribute show early on my n my tenure to understand how important the program has been to the news makers themselves.
6:30 am
>> they identify themselves about the program. >> it was a big deal and his mother for all of the kennedy boys who were on, it was a big deal to her. >> the letter and this letter we have in the wall of fame that you got from joe kennedy sr. >> from pointing out that all of her sons have been on "meet the press" and for the first time at ab age 31. >> this moment from the last year will be an iconic moment. here it is. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men marrying are entitleded to the same exact rights. all the civil rights and civil liberties and i don't see much of a distinction. >> he didn't mean to make history that day, but years from now, this is the year that gay
6:31 am
marriage became acceptable to a majority of the country. >> one of the things i love most about me"meet the press" is you have room to breathe in the conversation. you can have accountable and follow-up questions or sometimes ask an obvious question or off handed question. i was not intending to spend a lot of time on that topic. it came up and news is made. that was an in the moment where this was a big deal. >> did you know immediately? >> that was pretaped on a friday. we were sitting on it for two days. >> this is something very, very quickly on the talks. the fiscal cliff. how many "meet the press"s do we have left? >> we may have a lot. my indications from the hill and the white house, you are probably hearing this. they really are dug in on they have to give on rates first. >> they don't want to negotiate?
6:32 am
>> they don't want to negotiate on medicare to find out they won't negotiate on the taxes. they can do a middle class tax deal and delay the sequester. they could avoid the deadline. >> good news for every sunday. >> i do think people have a high level of frustration with this. >> cynicism. you see it. the public gets it and they are not happy about it. >> thanks. >> congratulations and ebook. i will download it now, i promise. from nbc publishing is available on your ipad and ipad minis. >> i love it. it saved my life. >> you could watch "meet the press" on your local station. quickly before we go to break, opening bell just rang on wall street. the market starting in positive territory. everyone anticipating the announcement of qe 4.
6:33 am
the fed chairman after the fed wraps up the two-day meeting and buy up more bonds. they are expected at 12:30 eastern and we will hear from ben bernanke itself after they release the forecast around the same time. next, as the newest member of the kennedy family heads to washington, we will take a deep dive into the kennedy family legacy. you are watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. [ woman ] we knew it was gonna be bad, but never like this. the red cross was down here all the time. [ man ] they've given us a lot of heart. in times of need, they're there. ♪ [ kerry ] my dad was watching his house burn. he turned around, and all of a sudden, there was this guy standing there from the red cross.
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>> this january another kennedy heads to congress continuing a family tradition for generations. joseph key kennedy iii, grandson of robert f kennedy will be sworn into the house of representatives will be a third generation of the kennedy family to serve in washington. he is the namesake of the
6:37 am
family's patriarch, the first joseph p kennedy who served at the sec and kennedy's son followed him into public service that and that started 64 straight jeers in which at least one kennedy was on capitol hill or in the white house. young john f kennedy led to a successful bid in 1960. younger brother teddy won his old seat skpld serve for nearly five decades. brother bobby was elected to serve as new york's carpet bagging senator at the time. so he was accused of. the second generation served in the house of representative with bobby's son, joe spending a dozen years and patrick serving ai eight terms before retiring. with teddy's death in 2009 and patrick's decision not to run again, congress has been without
6:38 am
a member of the kennedy family for about two years. it seems fitting that there is a look out about his namesake called the patriarch, the remarkable and tush lept times of joseph p kennedy. dave nassau, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the complicated political beginnings of joseph p kennedy, where to begin. i want to start with deal with his wealth. how did he accumulate and how much did he marry into and how much did he accumulate on his own and did he do it fully legally? >> cheer to it fully legally, but on the margins. the outer margins of legality. he was a brilliant, brilliant stock manipulator. when he went to hollywood where he was for two years, he headed four different studios and
6:39 am
demanded to be paid in stock options. $1 in a stock option for joseph p kennedy was worth $10 or $20. he left with enough money to set up million dollar trust funs for each of nine children and a little left over to set up trust funds for the grandchildren yet to come. >> he his set of political ambitions. there was thought he wanted to be the first kennedy to run for president and not just the first son, his oldest son. when did he realize he could never run or that wasn't going to work? >> he was going to run for president if roosevelt decided not to run for a third term f. roosevelt decided to run for a third term, nobody was going to beat him. the rumors began in 1938 when he was named the first irish catholic ambassador to the court of st. james to great britain. the five previous ambassadors become president.
6:40 am
>> when you look at when he wanted to push his sons into public office, joseph kennedy's role in 1960. how much was he a presence over jfk's campaign. we know he bank rolled it. give me details about what you learned. >> by 1960, joe kennedy, the patriarch had begun to bow out. he had built up a personal campaign machine for his son that his son and his son the candidate and bobby had inherited. by 1960 they were running the show. by 1960 joe kennedy the patriarch was in such bad favor in this country because he had violently opposed the cold war. as he a posed world war ii. jack kennedy knew he couldn't
6:41 am
run with his father's shadow behind him. joe was sent into exile in palm beach, the south of france, hyannis port. >> did joe ever regret that he was wrong about the nazis and world war ii? >> no. on the contrary. there was this moment where he meets with churchill. churchill was defeated and the war is over and he's defeat and he comes to the united states for a vacation. they meet and winston churchill said to joe kennedy i am desperately sorry your son was killed in the war. joe jr. was killed in a bomber and crashed. joe kennedy looks at him and said what was it all for? all we got now is the soviets dominating europe instead of the germans. we fought a war for this? >> did joe's outspokenness against world war ii make
6:42 am
kennedy more of a hawk and jfk ending up being more of a hawk in response to his father? >> that's a great question. i don't know. i think part of what jfk does is follows his father. his father was an isolationist, but he was also in favor of huge military budgets to build up missile systems and every conceivable type of defense. first against the germans so they could never invade the united states and against the soviets. jack kennedy inherits this notion that we have to be strong and have a strong defense. >> interesting. >> yeah, absolutely. >> i could go on all day. this book looks like it's fascinating. joseph p kennedy, you talk about a rich tapestry of a biography that you got to dig into. i can't wait to dig into it.
6:43 am
the book is called patriarch. check it out. first the white house soup of the day. we know you are asking. no holiday leftovers here. chicken noodle. i don't remember any chicken at any of the christmas parties. we'll be right back. anncr: some politicians seem to think medicare and... social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us.
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and pick the deals i want. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. and then i get up to 15% cash back... put into my account! i know, right? [ male announcer ] introducing bankamerideals, free for online banking customers. sign in to your online banking to choose your deals today. as the saying goes, second verse same as the first. neither is changing their tune on the cliff just yet. let's bring in the gaggle for wednesday. democratic pollster on the msnbc contributor. the national reviews, robert costa who is a contributor for msnbc and the kudlow report. welcome all. you are in the jump seat and i will give you the first chance at this. you did this interview with tom
6:47 am
price. it's about this idea that some conservatives may try to make baper's life so uncomfortable they could challenge him for the speakership. it's clear he doesn't have the votes for any of this, but how series is boehner taking it and how much of it is impacting the negotiations? >> it's a great question. the tension within the house republican conference is very real. tom price's comments about his concerns and about a potential deal that includes tax increases reflects where a lot of conservatives are. they are wary about what speaker boehner is doing. no one is really sure about the contours of the potential deal. >> you see here there seems to be all this evidence that republicans are publicly splintering. they are not behind one position. even mitch mcconnell said he can get his tax increases by doing nothing. >> there is a long way between overthrowing the speaker and not
6:48 am
liking what's going on at the current minute. we have changed the challenges before. dan lundgren, they go on and on. kantor was going to challenge boehner every day one year. this happens, but it's a long way between that and challenging him. >> the extra democratic pressure that you see putting publicly, the white house is backing off of that. is this good politics for the democrats? do they want to be involved in scudling a deal? >> the polls show people are with democrats and view things consistently and want people to collaborate. the second is they want to see their wealthiest pay a higher tax rate. they will typically blame republican fist there is no deal. >> that's all they want. when you look at it, can you come together and you ask about things other than tax rates. there is agreement on the top 2%. how about medicare?
6:49 am
don't touch that. nobody wants anything else touched. >> they are saying go over the cliff, but the public is not okay with that. the public is wary and concerned about this as it should be. we going to get -- where do we think. do we think they do another counteroffer? where do we feel like we stand right now at 9:50 in the morning? >> i have a piece about paul ryan and there is dissension. if you look at who is signing the boehner counteroffers, you have kantor, mckarthy and paul ryan on board with speaker boehner. that reflects his strength. boehner will condition to stand strong as long as he has their support. >> whatever deal he cuts, he will have 80 or 90. >> at the end of the day, yeah. if he agrees to it. that's the thing. you can imagine there will be a lot of pull from a lot of different sides on this within the condition conference. some of these guys are behind
6:50 am
him on a lot of things and the conserfative pieces of the coalition there were not going along. there is a long way to go. >> i want to get your takes on this. michigan is losing the fight and the democrats think they will win the political war. is that all they got? you look at the history of the right to work, you never seem to be able to stop. >> it does have challenges. we are calling it right to work is a victory on the right. the michigan polls show this is a winner for people who with unions. the governors ratings are very mediocre. majority say that after they hear both sides, they are against right to work and 80% say this is not -- this shouldn't be a priority at all. actually, more say they're going to hold it against legislators for voting for it than reward them for it. >> we know what we will be talking about in 2014 in the midwest. we have that clear. we know what this will be about. >> we already had a debate about this early in the year. scott walker --
6:51 am
>> he sort of -- >> it's hard to say the union people will have to be worried right now. >> it does feel as if when this moves, it moves. the question is, can they calibrate on another policy. we asked in the last 100 years how many presidents were elected after serving in the house, but not in the senate. there's just one. president george h.w. bush was a congressman for texas, unsuccessful candidate for the united states senate. then of course he was u.n. ambassador, cia director and vice president before he was elected to president on his own. one time he ran for the u.s. senate he lost. if you have a question for us, e-mail us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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while names are thrown out frivolously, i will tell you that there is a process. i'm going to stay true to the process. i'm going to make sure that i make south carolina proud, but
6:55 am
you know, only my husband knows what's in my head right now, so i will leave it at that. >> let's bring back our gaggle. it seems as if, by the way, nikki haley is sort of enjoying this moment. i think just a little bit, she is enjoying this moment. i have to say, perry, the most intriguing name, she apparently has a short list that includes tim scott, who everybody assumes the conservatives would like to have, including jim demint, african-american congressman. jenny sanford is the name that jumps out on the short list. >> it would be a great pick. she's charismatic. very interesting pick. but tim scott has all the logic behind him. >> but nikki haley doesn't always go with the grain. she's not necessarily the most predictable person. that is the variable. >> her numbers are not very good. a poll was just released. the only solution, cobert wins in the polls. >> robert, where is this going? is she going to make the best
6:56 am
pick that gets her re-elected? is she worried about being renominated more than re-elected? what is going on, do you think, with her politics? >> she's worried on both fronts. she ran as a tea party candidate in 2010, elected as a tea party star. she will elect a tea party congressman. >> i got to go. robert? >> read national review's coverage of the michigan right to work fight. lot of stories are up now. >> perry? >> my good friend's birthday is tomorrow. happy birthday to her. >> i have a piece in roll call where i interned when i first moved to washington, they had just changed their smoking policy. cou you couldn't smoke until 5:00 at your desk. >> "usa today" , sue davis, all your fiscal cliff news. >> always knows the hill as well as anybody. that's it for this edition. tomorrow on the show, all the results from our first post-election nbc/"wall street journal" poll.
6:57 am
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